Provided cores

Current cores provided

The Targeted Pathway Analysis Core for the UCSD/UCLA Diabetes Research Center (link).

Funded by NIDDK P30 DK063491
PI: Alan Saltiel PhD. (UCSD)
Sub-core A. Proteomics directed by Julian Whitelegge (UCLA)
Sub-core B. Lipidomics directed by Oswald Quehenberger (UCSD)

The Product Development Core for the UCLA Center for Countermeasures against Radiation (link).

Funded by NIAID U19 AI067769
PI: William McBride PhD., DSC.
Core director: Julian Whitelegge PhD.

Cores provided in the past

The Metal Analysis and Proteomics Core for the UCLA Program Project Molecular Mechanisms Of SOD1-Linked ALS.

Funded by NINDS P01 NS049134
PI: Joan Valentine
08/11/05 – 04/30/16
Core director: Julian Whitelegge PhD.