Frequently Asked Questions

What is mass spectrometry?

There are plenty of resources for learning about mass spectrometry around the web, but one particular description can be found in the following book chapter: An Introduction to the Basic Principles and Concepts of Mass Spectrometry.

What services does the PMSL offer?

In general, the PMSL offers targeted and global identification and quantification of a wide array of organic compounds from small molecules to proteins and (less frequently) nucleic acids. This includes identification of a protein gel band, or quantification of changes in the metabolome or proteome of a tissue sample. More details on the services we provide can be found here: small molecules, proteomics, service rates.

In addition, the PMSL willingly offers advice about experimental design, sample preparation, chromatographic modalities and mass spectrometry.

Does the PMSL have any open positions in the lab?

To apply, please send your CV and research interests (and reference letters if available).

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