Small molecule services

Representative services

Sample preparation and analyses
  • Tissue homogenization and extraction
  • Chemical derivatization
  • Mixture fractionation and purification
  • Identification & quantification of small molecules
  • Quantitative global assays (metabolomics)
  • Identification & quantification of thermally stable compounds
  • Chemical conversion to thermally stable derivatives
  • Volatile compound analysis with automated headspace & SPME sampling
  • Electron and chemical ionization
  • Positive and negative ion detection
  • Library searching for identification
  • Elemental composition determination
  • Quantification of acidic, basic, charged and polar molecules
  • Structural elucidation by fragmentation analysis
  • Liquid chromatography including reverse & normal phase, HILIC, size exclusion, & ion exchange
  • Electrospray and APCI ionization
  • Positive and negative ion detection
  • MS, MS/MS and MSn

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