Recharge rates

Product or service Cost/sample
Broad spectrum analysis (EI, CI, ESI, APCI, GC-MS) $56.00
High-resolution, accurate mass (EI, CI, ESI, APCI, GC-MS) $115.00
Self-operated ESI $92.00
MSMS $92.50
Self-operated MSMS $164.00
LC-MS (size-exclusion with low-resolution MS) $77.00
LC-MS (reverse-phase with low-resolution MS) $100.00
LC-MS+ (reverse-phase with low-resolution MS and fraction collection) $167.00
Extra database search $68.00
LTQ-Orbitrap XL LC-MSMS $109.00
LTQ-Orbitrap XL LC-MSMS with database search $145.00
QE-Plus Orbitrap LC-MSMS $127.00
QE-Plus Orbitrap LC-MSMS with database search $156.00
LC alone (HPLC) $80.00
LC alone (UPLC) $85.00

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